Injury, Postural dysfunction Specialist,

Pain Management Coach

Fertility massage






Nutritional Coaching coming soon


Myoskeletal alignments, myofascial release.

Injury, Pain Management.

Nerve pain.

Tension, Tightness, Headaches

Migraines Treatments.

Sports Massage, Vocal Massage 

Dry Needling-Medical Acupuncture

Functional nutrition

online coaching

for chronic pain

Functional Nutrition to reverse inflammation and 

manage your pain 



-Online group coaching

-1to1 online coaching 

Chair Massage for businesses

-From 2 hours to a full day 

-Office Mobility exercises and stretches to prevent RSI, Poor Posture

-Nutrition workshop/presentation

Coming soon 


Functional movement, online group session.

Functional movement  mobility, stability, 

flexibility or strength exercises.  

Online sessions

Coming soon

Women, trans health, massage & wellbeing 

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