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Online Coaching with Aïza Ismaïla

Meet Aiza

Integrative Pain Management Coach

Pmbcyaiza is the result of my personal experience. 

Like yourself, I had chronic inflammation, suffered from chronic symptoms for years with sinusitis, sneezing attack, daily blocked nose, itchy ear, throat.

I have seen doctors, specialists, I have been tested for allergies and no clear diagnosis except for the fact that the inflammation could be seen with a camera into my nose.

Which at the time was only treated with steroids and other antihistamines medication for years to help me to cope with the symptoms which have created other damages to my menstrual cycle.

Despite studying nutrition years ago I didn't know anything about Functional Nutrition until May 2019 which made a whole difference to my life, you can listen to my story on my Podcast here. This is why I want to help you today go through the changes I have made with supplementation and more to get you there.

What I Specialise In

Reset Your 

Gut Health

Myoskeletal Therapy

(myofascial release) 


Womb massage therapy

Mental Skills Training for

Pain Relief


Pain Management  Goals/Plan

Mobility, Flexibility


Helping you taking care of the pain holding you back, so you can move forward.

I have been working with Aiza since last October and finally seeing the changes. My knees and ankles don't hurt anymore, I have more strength, more energy, I can sleep.

It's amazing

- Josie Tyler

Aiza is amazing


Her Gut health reset program has changed my life. I'm feeling energised, moving without pain, and best of all I’ve lost over a stone!


Everyone should have an Aiza in their life

Julie Cordner

I've always been very active but with chronic fatigue, over the last few years it has been difficult but working with Aiza helped me and gained my energy, strength and my life back after several months. Thanks Aiza

- Matt Davis

Let’s Break the Cycle of Pain

by Being Healthier