Meet Aïza Ismaïla

Integrative Pain Management Coach

Helping people suffering from joint, muscular pain or reduction of range of movement with manual therapy has always been part of my life... Before being qualified, I did it with my sister who has leg length discrepancy, pelvis torsion and scoliosis, regular massage helped her to reduce her pain, manage her pain until I've got qualified and knew how to treat her to go to the root of her problem.

You may have been told to rest, put ice...

You may have been on medication for years...

You might be living with your pain or postural dysfunction

You might be living with a limited range of movement for years and think this is your new life.

Well, it doesn't have to be this way. Don't take my word for it, you can listen for yourself through those video reviews.

What about you?

  • Do you experience difficulty or pain when you turn your head?

  • Do you experience pain or difficulty reaching the top shelve, to wash your hair because they can't bring your arm up?

  • Can't keep up playing with your kids because of pain?

  • Do you work at a desk and you are self-conscious of your bad posture causing you pain?

  • Do you have a Hiatus hernia, GERD?

  • Do you have nerve Sciatica? Chronic Back pain?

  • Would you like to be pain-free?


Here is my background 

I have a French Sports, Sciences Nutrition Bachelor and Master degree.

I have as well a Dietician training from France too.

I have been trained in Orthopaedic Massage and have ITEC Sports Massage Level 5

which is the highest level of qualification in Massage therapy in the UK.

With a Master Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques.​

Using a variety of modalities such as myofascial release, orthopaedic massage, cupping therapy/massage, dry needling, medical acupuncture, scrapping tool, joint mobilisation and nerve gliding/flossing.


I help women with health condition due to their reproductive system: Fibroids, PCOS, Endometriosis, Fertility and more.