Back pain is the number 1 musculoskeletal dysfunction

In a society where we spent quite a lot of time seated, working from home, with a lack of variety of movement, it can emphasise and trigger fascia imbalance and postural dysfunction.

On top of that emotional stress has an impact in fascia and creating more pain with the lack of fascia glide which increase stiffness more trigger point.

This Lady has been to many different physio in France, since she was a teenager, when her functional scoliosis appeared but never got the postural improvement and pain relief that she was looking for.

Until she met me in her late 20's In Belfast, she was active, her body very reactive after 2 sessions of 2hours each  she had major improvement in her pain and pain as you can see on this picture.

Don't suffer in silent

Don't only depend on analgesic and NSAID

Don't think there is nothing to be done to help you with the pain.

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