Corporate Seated Massage Belfast

What to expect?


Corporate chair massage is perfect for any type of office setting since it requires neither oils nor the removal of clothing.

The massage chair is compact and requires very little space to set up. I’ll will provide the massage chair and all necessary supplies. All we will need is a space to set up the chair. 


Here are some steps to make it happen:


  • Fill the form below and provide as much as information.

  • Find a room or space in the office where chair massage can be offered.

  • Communicate the opportunity for chair massages through e-mail or posters within your business.

  • I will provide a schedule for your employees, so they can choose their slot.

Benefits For Employee’s & Employers


A happy employee is a productive employee! Regular massage will increase productivity because of the positive affect that it has on the recipient. 


Employer Benefits


  • Increases employee retention

  • Improves productivity

  • Decreases absenteeism

  • Improves job satisfaction

  • Improves overall company health


Employee Benefits


  • Reduced tension

  • Improved attention and mental focus

  • Pain relief

  • Reduced anxiety

  • Relief of headache and migraines

  • Reduced blood pressure and heart rate

  • Increase immunity to colds and flu

  • Enhanced productivity

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Corporate Seated Massage 


option 1:


 £120 => 2 hours => 4 to 8 persons


£180 => 3 hours => 6 to 12 persons



 £240 => 4 hours => 8 to 16 persons


    £300 => 5 hours => 10 to 20 persons


 £420 => 7 hours => 14 to 28 persons


From15 to 30min  for each massage.




Corporate Holistic Therapies & Sport Massage


Option 2*: individual can book for themselves 


Legs Sport Massage 30min 

Reflexology 30min 

Thai Foot Massage 30min 

Rejuvenate Facial Massage 30min 
Indian Head Massage 30min 

Chair Massage 30min 
*minimum 2-hours treatments in a row must be booked


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