Pain Management Program 

Pain Management is a multidisciplinary approach, I believe that each approach has its place and can impact your health and your pain at a different stage of your journey,

There is no particular order but introducing them all is beneficial as will have an impact on your mind, body, and soul.

Chronic Pain

Personal Program

In this program, I help you move toward a healthier lifestyle and with some particular adjustments to heal your gut which may heal your pain with nutritional changes and supplementation. However, changes will be made at your own pace, and to what you can do, we will work together.

Chronic pain can be influenced by a sensitive nervous system and our thoughts, emotions, behaviour, which all play a role.


Chronic pain perception can be as well influenced by mindfulness or simply training your mind because pain is the result of nervous system interpretation due to messengers called nociceptors. Depending on your stress level, emotions, thoughts, believes it can impact and trigger your pain.  

Bodywork through Myoskeletal alignment techniques, myofascial release, medical acupuncture, dry cupping are the bodywork approach that I use toward pain management. 

Maintain or rediscover mobility, flexibility, and stability is one of the approaches that I provide too.

Are you ready for this? On top of that, you will get a Coaching session to help you focus and move forward. It's up to you to choose the frequency of those coaching sessions.

I will happily help you to get you there.



Webinar on how to Reverse inflammation & manage your pain with nutrition

Have you been suffering from chronic symptoms or chronic conditions? A lot of symptoms or health conditions are the consequences of a leaky gut or gut imbalance, due to chronic inflammation in your body.

We are so used to live with symptoms that are taking part in our daily life and are often treated as isolated symptoms, but those are only the visible part of the iceberg.

I have been through this myself for years until I have followed the same protocol and support that I'm providing you.

You are not alone, if you are still hesitant, check for reviews below.


 If you want to start this journey on your own and apply the same changes I did to heal from my chronic inflammation.

Do not wait to get my Webinar below: an online presentation giving you the foundation to start the healing your gut journey. If after that you need more to progress further, or prefer having my support in this journey, contact me here.

Break the cycle of pain 

Facebook group

This is a brand new community, where you can all come together and share experiences, challenges you are all going through.

I will happily challenge you throughout tasks or challenges for you to make changes to start the processes of healing your gut and heal your pain.

I can't wait to see you there!

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