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Episode 3: How often should I get a massage?

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

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This is a question which is often asked, I always provide a recommendation which is very different to every individual.

Indeed, different factors will be taken into account such as: initial tissue texture, level of stress, is it to treat an injury, aches and pain, sleeping pattern disturbances, general wellbeing.

What about outside work and the massage itself, what else do you do to improve the condition, to keep the stress level low, to manage the pain.

Is there a regular practice of meditation, or breathing exercise is in place, regular walks to take fresh air, pilates, yoga, or a variety of movement with different activities? So many factors can influence the frequency of session.

Indeed, if someone get their weekly massage and will admit they don't have time for anything else, and there is so much stress that every week they are looking forward this session as it is like a reset button, well yeah in this case a weekly session is highly recommended, but I would always recommend alternative activities to help manage the stress that may bring down the frequency of massage.

Stress level, diet and quality nutrition, the level of physical activity ... Everything impact on our hormonal production, on our tissue texture which in the end will impact of how often it might be beneficial to get a massage.

Despite all that, in general I would recommend a monthly session is a great timeframe for general wellbeing.

If there is no injury or postural issue to work on, or chronic pain , injury. Indeed in those case regular treatments will be recommended to improve the condition to then be less frequent as a conditioning.

Getting regular treatment, it's like a regular body MOT, it is like getting our musculoskeletal system serviced, keeping our soft tissue balanced which can prevent injury by getting specific stretches as well to address the tight muscles. Keeping the nervous system calm and low stress level.

Talk to your massage therapist, you will always get an advice about the frequency of your session.

As soon as you find them beneficial carry on, if you are not happy with it maybe its time to look for another professional or another discipline, don't stay stuck into something that you don't find suitable anymore.

I get two massages per month myself from different professionals, so i get to experienced different speciality, different therapies just for the health of it.

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