Episode 5: what's sport massage?

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

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Some people have a misconception about what's sport massage? Thinking it is for athletes, active people only (or a painful treatment check episode 4 about this). But in fact this treatment has more a medical, therapeutic approach than a holistic massage, it's not a massage only for relaxation, it can be soothing (at least for the techniques that I use) but it is not the initial aim of it.

So there is one aspect for athletes or active people, mainly "post event massage",massage that we provide at the end of a training session or physical activity, sport event to help the body recover post exercise. Session in this case, which is very soothing, with drainage techniques to help the body to bring fresh cells, oxygen, nutrients to the soft tissue in need to recover quicker.

However that is just a part of it, the other side of sport massage, we can call it : deep tissue massage, remedial massage, conditioning massage and in my case orthopaedic massage as I have been trained in orthopaedic techniques and more.

Sport massage is a treatment applicable for everyone as no matter what we do, active or sedentary we present some pattern of muscle imbalance, because there is a series of movement that we keep doing repetitively, your therapist role is to point them out to bring the balance back, almost like having a body MOT, musculoskeletal MOT, to prevent injury or to treat a condition and help the soft tissue to heal and recover, or improve your posture with some home retraining exercises to carry on the improvement until your next session if needed or simply to counter balance your pattern of movement.

Sport massage is a variety of multiple techniques and depending on the level and variety of training of your massage therapist, in my case a mixture of myofascial release, stretch type techniques to help restore normal resting length, trigger point therapy, joint mobilisation, nerve flossing, scrapping, cupping, dry needling/medical acupuncture if needed...

All in all sport massage is like a medical massage, we watch a client from the moment we see them coming in, we watch the way they hold themselves, the way they walk which give indication already on the muscle tension which is even more obvious when a client lay down and is on a rest/relax position.

So if you never had one before it's time to look for one in your area and give it a try, get your "soft tissues and joints serviced" which may help to manage stiffness, aches & pains.

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