Let's talk about feet. Prevention, adaptation and solutions part 3.

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

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In this episode tips and suggestions are shared to prevent foot dysfunction other consequences discussed in our previous episodes.

Tip 1 : don't wear the same pair of shoes everyday, if you have different pair change and switch day by day the one you are wearing. If you are driving or walking to work :maybe wear trainers and when you get to work switch to your nicer shoes.

If you have to wear heels or nice shoes that you are self conscious can impact your feet do it but try to wear more comfortable one when you are sitting at your desk or for lunch.

Give your feet a break.

Me walking barefoot after a run

Tips 2: spend time barefoot regularly. As soon as you get home, walk around your house barefoot. Play barefoot with or without kids.

I often finish my run by walking barefoot on the grass so be silly, playful and walk barefoot.

Tip 3: silicones toes separator

It's a fantastic tool to wear at home, ideally a couple hours a day as you can see it is spreading the toes apart which passively do the opposite of shoes and help our feet and toes to be functional.

I have tried many different and finally found a great pair and they are comfortable.

Tip 4: sock separator

Alternatively this sock separators can be an alternative as explained above for the toes separator but I definitely prefer the silicone toes separator for hygiene reason, the sock need to be washed regularly because I like being barefoot even though you could be wearing slippers, but it feels too much to me. Fell free to try what's best for you.

Tip 5: Wear 5 finger socks in your trainers instead of your regular socks, those one again don't compromise your toes, their position and their movement, if the shoes / trainers allow them to have a great movement. They are more expansive than average like this one £12 for 5 pairs.

I believe that it's worth it.

All tips provided above are passive, but that means to get some improvement or result it may take ages or years... So it is best to add some active movement active toes exercise to neurologically active those muscle and stimulate the change.

Don't get me wrong it is not easy at first but I have been myself practising and getting better on doing like display on this picture hallux extension only or isolate only the big toe / hallux and perform the extension of the other toes only as an example, rewire the neurological pattern of our toes movement, will improve function, balance and prevent toe deformity, bunion, potentially foot pain, knee pain, back pain and more.

Last thing but not least, have you ever thought about investing in a " minimalist barefoot" pair of shoes such my vibram 5 fingers or vivobarefoot or any other brand, as it is less popular in the uk they are pricey here but keep an eye on it and keep looking as I do, are some brand are being more competitive.

All tips with manual therapist can be a good plan to work on improving any foot or low limb dysfunction if you need an appointment book directly online : if you would like me to research and discuss any other subject please let me know.

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