The difference between a sedentary vs active life style and the risk of injury.

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

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I often hear clients not willing to be active because it will prevent them from getting an injury. Before starting a new intense physical activity is always best to maybe see your GP mainly if you have been sedentary for years to make sure you are healthy enough to start a new physical activity. I will highly recommend the assistance of a coach, someone qualified to help you start this new activity, 1 to 1 interaction is always best to make sure you get the right techniques which will prevent the risk of injury.

We sometime think because we are starting a new activity like running, we just need a pair of shoes but first, but it is not that simple. Indeed you can't grab an old pair of shoes and go ... A regular runner (3 miles 3 times a week) should changed his shoes every 6 month, you may find some running shoes store that performs gait analysis to advise you the best pair of shoe for you and you get the ability to walk or run with it on a treadmill. How many of us have bought a pair of shoes, casual or sport shoes and despite trying them in store it's when we are actually in motion that we generally feel that it's not the right shoes for us. (this example can be transferred to any other activity or any other gear).

Being active in one thing, being well equipped for it is another one:

-To reduce the risks of injury it is important to have the right gear.

-The surface: if it's about running to carry on with this subject, for example the tarmac is not a great surface to train on a regular basis indeed it is best to run on natural ground dirt and grass are better than asphalt, which is better than concrete. The idea behind it is that harder surfaces result in greater impact forces exerted on the body—including your knees—with each step, which could lead to immediate or overuse injuries as the energy sent to the ground for each step on the concrete is sent back up to our joint instead of being absorb on sand, dirt and grass.

-Frequency: it is important to not overdue to let the body recover and get stronger over the sessions which bring us to the next point:

-Rest enough sleep is necessary to recover (average 8hours per night) nap for 30 min if possible.

-Nutrition: make sure to integrate organic fresh veggies and fruits to your diet to bring high quality nutrients.

-Hydration: our body is made of 60% of fluid and it it even more needed when we are active to counter balance loss during exercise.

-Regular stretch to bring the tissue back to their normal resting length, strengthen weak muscle.

I believe if we take some precautions and listen to our body we may prevent injury with occasional check up sport massage.

Studies shows that active people have a better coordination and better reflexes in case of a fall for example, which may help to catch themselves up and prevent fracture for elderly person.

Exercise and being active reduce risk of some health condition such as high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis and more...

Being more active makes you more aware, mindful of you body experiences and discomfort. Which may give you a chance to address them and prevent injury.

Obviously some people are overdoing and increase their risk of wear and tear but it is like everything else a balance need to be in place.

Being sedentary increase stiffness and aches and pains du to lack of challenging or variety of movement, as we are made for motion this lack of activity can sometimes lead osteoarthritis and some cases Hip or knee replacement for people who never never had any injury. it doesn't mean that everyone sedentary will end up with a hip or knee replacement.

Being sedentary means higher risk for silent disease (like diabetes) or sudden pain or injury.

So thinking not being active will preserve you from injury is wrong as it won't preserve you from dangerous health conditions and if as a sedentary person you decide to be more active it will have to be done gradually or you may increase your risk of injury as the latter are not used to it.

So I often say: keep moving, motion is lotion. Even if you are not consistent, try and try again.

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