Reverse inflammation


manage your pain with nutrition.

Have you been suffering from chronic symptoms or chronic conditions? A lot of symptoms or health conditions are the consequences of a leaky gut or but bacteria imbalance. Due to chronic inflammation in our body.

We are so used to live with symptoms, that are taking part of our daily life and are often treated as an isolated symptom, but those symptoms are the visible part of the iceberg!

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Pre-recorded webinar with
48 pages workbook included for a total of £21

To rate and score your inflammation level download 

this word document.

if the score is above 10 changes need to be applied to prevent complications, other diseases and strengthen the immune system.

There is a way to manage your symptoms or get rid off of them in some cases!

It all starts by healing our gut as it's the root of our problems,

You can work on it today, with this webinar.

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Are you ready for more? We are starting Monday 8th March 2021.

Join me in a Facebook group coaching challenge to reset your gut health, reverse inflammation and heal your pain:

-4 weeks of group coaching.

-Workbook with foods shopping list, mindset doc, supplement shopping list and more bonus.


- 60min: 1to1 online session at the start and at the end of the program.


-Week 2 and week 3 a 1to 1 20 to 30 min coaching session.

-Webinar video with all the steps to follow explained. 

- Two mobility/ flexibility group exercise live video. 

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