Back pain, shoulder pain, knee injury, neck pain, foot pain, plantar fasciitis. We can help you start your pain free journey today!

I put my expertise, my additional and advanced training into helping people being pain-free, improving people posture, recovering from their injury so they carry on their activities of their day to day life.


Clinical Therapeutic Massage, my Deep Tissue Massage or sport massage is a mix a different modalities, it is a pain-free treatment,  which is exactly what you need to relieve tension from work, intense workout, lack of stretch, injury, pain, postural dysfunction or to treat your aches and pain.


Focusing on one area at a time to treat from top (superficial) to deeper layers to improve your mobility, increase your range of motion for you to be able to grab something above your head, be able to turn your head without limitation.


Do not wait to get better start Today!

Home care

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Monday :1:00 - 8:00pm 

Tuesday :1:00 - 8:00pm 

Wed    :1:00 - 8:00pm 

Thursday :1:00 - 8:00pm 

Friday :1:00 - 8:00pm 

Working from my home: 

 Toronto Street Belfast BT6 8EQ